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Thank you for enrolling in OPT Ninja Group Coaching Program.
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This is a 6-week group career coaching program where you will walk away with tools and resources that will help you with:

  • Finding role clarity
  • Creating your resume
  • Updating your LinkedIn profile
  • Scoring referrals
  • Interview preparation guide
  • Salary and visa discussions during the hiring process

– Please note that the program fees are non-refundable and the program does not guarantee getting a job. It is up to students how they apply the coaching materials.

– $240 will be deducted from your card at the time of enrollment. Two more $240 each payment will be AUTO-DEDUCTED from the SAME card you have used to enroll bi-weekly.

– Please ensure you have sufficient balance for these bi-weekly payments. The coach will NOT send you any reminder.

By enrolling in this program, you are agreeing to the above mentioned terms and conditions.