Hello, I am Aneri Desai

A career coach for immigrant women, former corporate Ninja, first generation immigrant, and a mom who believes that women deserve to have it all. It has been a decade long roller coaster ride from being an international student from India to living my American dream.

After graduating with an MS in Information Technology and MBA in  Information Systems, I had a hard time navigating my job search being an international student needing sponsorship. I initially followed basic job search advice available around me with disappointing outcomes. After over 250 rejections, I finally cracked the code of a successful job search which led me to working with Fortune 500 companies with 5 promotions in 8 years. 

Over the years, hundreds of people reached out to me for referral, recommendations, networking calls , introductions and one thing I noticed was most immigrant women did not know how to own their career gap, how to take credit for their work, how to own their story and how to stand out in the hiring process. 

When I got my most awaited promotion, , I looked around and noticed that there weren’t many women who looked like me in that room. 

So, I turned down a promotion opportunity and left corporate America to launch my career coaching company. Why? There is no fun in climbing the ladder all alone. I want to help immigrant women dream big, crush their goals and go places just like how I did.

My Story

I am from India in a middle class family in India where I was the first person to study abroad. I was an underdog in my teenage and early twenties. After getting rejected again and again for an arranged marriage because of my height, weight and looks, I refused to give in to society’s shallow standard of beauty. I decided not to wait for my prince charming and take charge of my future. I applied  for an MBA program in the USA. In 2010, I landed in the United States with big dreams and nothing to my name.

BUT the universe had different plans. I ended up in a toxic arranged marriage which took a drastic turn and I ended up at Chicago airport with my whole life packed in two suitcases, not knowing where to go and what to do.I felt dependent, miserable and good for nothing.  That was the day when I decided that I would do everything in my power so other women never feel dependent like I did.

I had to rebuild my life from ZERO. Fought tooth and nail to maintain my student visa status, slept on people’s couch, survived on borrowed money and finally graduated. There began my glorious journey to where I am today…

My immigrant life taught me a valuable lesson. No matter who your father is, your brother is, your partner is- women need to be financially independent. That’s why I have made it my mission to empower immigrant women to stand out in their job search and land their first internship, job or promotion in North America. In one year, my clients have collectively received job offers worth over $20 MILLION.

I have mastered the techniques to stand out in the hiring process and
I can’t wait to teach you to accelerate your job search.

Aneri Desai

So if you feel like…

      • All your applications are going in blackhole
      • You don’t know from where to start your job search
      • You are getting interviews but they don’t convert into an offer
      • You don’t know how to navigate visa conversation during interviews
      • You don’t know how to justify your career break or foreign experience
      • You have a great profile on paper but nobody is interested in working with you

Ready To Take Action

Fun Facts

          • 🍋 English is not my first language but that does not stop me from using my voice
          • 🍋 I have worked and studied in India, UK and USA
          • 🍋 I met my husband on Facebook
          • 🍋 I have met three former US Presidents
          • 🍋 I went from sleeping on friends’ and relatives’ couch to building our dream home in 4 years
          • 🍋 I bought my first real estate investment property on my own (Hello Financial Independence)
          • 🍋 I am a proud mom of a precious little girl, Mishka
          • 🍋 I lost my job when I was pregnant and managed to get competing job offers just weeks before my due date
          • 🍋 I have traveled to 10 countries

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