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Dependent to independent.

One on One Coaching

Your personalized roadmap to be financially independent and land your next job in corporate world

I know that you may be feeling like you…

  • Are lost in navigating your job search
  • Aren’t good enough
  • Are frustrated by company’s lack of willingness to sponsor visa
  • Are not being noticed by companies
  • Aren’t comfortable networking
  • Aren’t able to stand out
  • Aren’t able to clear the interview rounds
  • Aren’t able to navigate the visa or salary discussions
  • Aren’t able to find people to refer you

My Story.

I moved to the United States for an MBA from The University of Texas at Arlington as an international student.

Navigating the job search market as an international student in a non-STEM degree was challenging.

I followed the traditional job search approach: Applied online mindlessly, submitted 500+ online applications using the same resume and prayed to hear back. The outcome? 273 automated rejection emails and ZERO interview.

I realized that these outdated, overused strategies won’t work. With every rejection, I retrospected, learned, and improvised.



From an underdog to receiving four job offers before graduating. Started my career as Business Analyst in the aerospace industry with less than 1% foreign nationals, got my immigration paperwork started and got my financial freedom.

In 7 years, I tripled my salary, earned 5 promotions and received job offers from every interview I attended.

Now that I have been on both sides of the table-a candidate and a hiring manager, I am going to guide you navigate your job search.

Aneri has a Midas touch.

This is what I hear repeatedly from my clients.

Imagine the feeling when you will finally:

  • Get rid of your limiting beliefs that’s stopping you from unlocking your true potential
  • Get responses for your job applications
  • Build your brand that gets you attention
  • Have a killer resume that actually goes beyond tracking systems and in decision maker’s hands
  • Feel confident to be able to walk into any interview
  • Find people who can refer you and advocate for you in your dream companies
  • Receive a call from the recruiter extending you the job you interviewed for
  • I got my first internship even before the coaching program ended!

    I was nervous about navigating my job search as an international student. Due to pandemic most of my masters program was online and I felt like I was not ready to face the interview. Aneri helped me find role clarity and showed me elements from my past work experience that I could highlight. That boosted my confidence a lot. The career coaching program got me my first internship in the United States. With Aneri’s support I was able to crack my first interview and got an offer. As Aneri always says, We are just getting started.

    Data Visualisation Intern
  • Aneri’s coaching program was worth the investment.

    Working with Aneri was such a blessing. She helped me find the biggest breakthrough of my career. I had career gaps and my resume did not do justice to my true potential before I joined Aneri’s 1:1 career coaching program. Aneri helped me built my professional brand and a compelling career story and mapped out a step by step job search plan. She taught me to own my story and share it with confidence. For four years I held myself back but now I believe that I can walk into any interview being my authentic self. She not only showed me how to build professional relationships but also connected me to industry leaders for coffee chats. As a result, I am walking away with a job assignment that will help me to resume my career after a long gap. I just told my friend that the financial investment I made by enrolling in Aneri’s coaching program is nothing in compare to the value she provides. It is X 1000 more.

    Asma Negash
    Social Media Coordinator
  • With Aneri’s support I was able to crack my first interview and got an offer.

    I was nervous about navigating my job search as an international student. Due to pandemic most of my masters program was online and I felt like I was not ready to face the interview. Aneri helped me find role clarity and showed me elements from my past work experience that I could highlight. That boosted my confidence a lot. The career coaching program got me my first internship in the United States. With Aneri’s support I was able to crack my first interview and got an offer. As Aneri always says, We are just getting started.

    Pooja Shah
    Product Manager
  • This all seemed unreal until I got in touch with Aneri.

    Aneri turned around my resume. I couldn’t believe that I had so much to offer. The way she presented my experience and elevated my overall professional brand is beyond my imagination. I learned how to build long-term relations over quick referral or LinkedIn add. Using her networking strategy I was able to build a strong connection with a senior officer in my dream company. This all seemed unreal until I got in touch with Aneri. Thank you for being my coach, Aneri.

  • Landed the job in my very first interview.

    Before I started working with Aneri, my biggest fear was to put myself out there and trusting myself and my capabilities. Meeting Aneri changed everything, she helped me to overcome my own fears and addressed the problem at its root. She motivated me to do my best, always stood by my side every step of the way. She changed my mindset of applying to hundreds of jobs as an international student. I learned job search and networking strategies that helped me stand out. All of this lead me to landing my first job that to in VERY FIRST company I interviewed with. I’m so thankful and glad that I took that leap of faith and trusted her ❤️

    Network Support Engineer
  • She is extremely patient and provides very effective feedback and tips.

    Having Aneri as my career coach has been tremendously invaluable for me. Prior to starting my career coaching sessions, I was frustrated with myself and lacked clarity of what I truly wanted to pursue in my career (as I am an individual with varying interests). Working throughout the sessions with her helped me gain better clarity of my purpose and what I wanted to pursue in my career.
    Her thought-provoking questions also helped me get a deeper understanding of what I absolutely did not want to pursue.
    Moreover, throughout my job application process, Aneri provided extremely helpful tips and guidance on how to answer questions, how to expand my network, make connections as well as negotiate. Being a first-generation South Asian I did not feel empowered to negotiate my salary, ever. But Aneri provided me with the confidence and the resources to be able to that effectively. In a sense, along with coaching, she helped me build my self-confidence which I found was lacking prior to my sessions with her. She is extremely patient and provides very effective feedback and tips. My experience with her has been so amazing that I have gone ahead and recommended my sister to use Aneri’s career coaching services.
    Thank you so much for everything you have done for me Aneri!!!

    Asma Erum
    Data Engineer

  • Shechanged my life forever. She is the sister I never had.

    For FIVE years I applied for jobs with no luck. I got more than 500 rejections that affected my confidence. I finally decided to seek help. I was Aneri’s silent follower for a while and I am glad I finally took action. In the clarity call, Aneri helped me to see skill set gaps in my profile. Instead of job search, we shifted our focus to enrolling in MS in Software Engineering program to bridge those major skill set gaps. She not only guided me at every step during the application process but also helped me get a scholarship. I feel confident and I now have a clear job search plan. She changed my life forever. She is the sister I never had.

    Kinjal Rabari
    Software Engineer
  • I am definitely blessed with the best mentor

    I would not have been this confident and have come this far if it wouldn’t have been for Aneri. Ever since I spoke to her for the first time, it felt like, “Yes, there is finally someone out there who understands my struggle and frustrations.” Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to have her by my side like a mentor, a friend, a coach who has helped me navigate not just job-related stuff, but has helped me through academics, personal dilemmas. My master’s journey wouldn’t have been so meaningful if I didn’t have Aneri’s never-ending support. I am definitely blessed with the best mentor and glad to have her with me through it all.

    Product Manager
  • She has a Midas touch

    I am so thankful that I chose Aneri to coach me for launching my career in the USA. She has a Midas touch and I couldn’t be happier that I got a job within 3 weeks of her career coaching.

    Digital Marketing Analyst
  • Her vision and determination as a mentor is impeccable!

    Reaching out to Aneri was the best blessing I could give myself. Through the meticulously curated OPT Ninja training, I got the motivation and confidence to achieve my goals. Each week gave me more clarity and self-belief of being capable as an international student. I love how Aneri makes you focus on working towards your dream life rather than just a dream job. Her vision and determination as a mentor is impeccable!

    Senior Automation Analyst
  • She has always got your back!

    I spoke to Aneri for the first time in 2020 and have been in touch with this amazing soul ever since. She has held my hand through the toughest few months of this year, instilling confidence in me and always guiding me with her advice, tips, and industry knowledge. From revamping resume to LinkedIn tips and tricks, to Interview hacks and preparation she is an expert in all of it.

    I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is looking to navigate the job market or planning to pursue higher education in the USA. She has always got your back. I cannot thank you enough Aneri and I am so happy I found you 🙂

  • You can trust her blindly!

    I moved to the US in February 2020 (just before the Covid-19 started hitting our lives). I was not aware of the culture, the job market, how to search for jobs. I didn’t even know – how the resumes are structured. After a prolonged struggle, fortunately, I met Aneri.

    Aneri is so much more than a coach. She is that big sister whom you can talk to anytime and share your fear/anxiety/issues. She helped me in overcoming my limiting beliefs and motivated me to have a positive outlook towards life which eventually helped in my job search as well. Her job search strategies, resume uplift pointers were simply awesome. If you’re sailing in the same boat as I was, reach out to Aneri and trust her blindly. She has got your back!

    I wish her all the very best for her new venture and sending positive vibes her way!

    Ishita Vaidya
    Program Manager
  • She is fantabulous.

    I would describe Aneri’s role in my life as not only a Career coach but my Mentor. She is such a down-to-earth person. I am lucky enough to have her as my career coach. She played a huge role in every step of my achievements when I was confused about selecting my courses and career path in the United States as an international student. A simple message on Facebook made me connect with her. She cleared all my doubts regarding navigating life in the United States and preparing for jobs. I was then confident enough to step into the country even though I had zero knowledge about this new place. I tried for Graduate assistantship roles but no luck. Again, Aneri unleashed my potential and made me try again. She coached me on how to find advocates who can refer me, how to prepare for interviews, and provided great insight into how corporate America works.

    Devi RangaLakshmi
    Graduate Research Assistant
  • She is a miracle worker

    Before I met Aneri, I had applied for about 100 jobs on and off and received no response. But after a week of her coaching, I had a refined resume, updated LinkedIn profile, and role clarity. Her advice of focusing on the quality of the application over quantity took me a long way. I had 3 interviews in week 2 of our coaching program. She is a miracle worker who knows the ins and outs of the job market and hiring process. At the end of my 12-week coaching program, I had multiple offers to choose from. I highly recommend working with Aneri.

    Laboratory Specialist

Why my coaching approach stands out in the industry?

I have navigated the job search journey multiple times on different visa status in the United States. I have developed study guides, cheat sheets and playbooks based on my own job search experience. I have coached clients from various industries and my coaching techniques have led them to viable results. TRUE STORY!

And guess what..I have professional friends who could be your first few connections as I guide you networking and relationship building techniques. Most of my clients come in as clients but end the program as a friend or a sister. When I say I have got your back, I mean it! 😊

Program Outline

Role Clarity

What roles align with your area of interest and skill set. What are some gaps to get there and how will you bridge those gaps? You walk away with a clear roadmap on what roles to apply and steps to get there.

Resume that speaks for you

Using  my resume template and guideline, your updated resume will beat the ATS systems and land in front of real human

LinkedIn visibility

Increase your LinkedIn profile visibility by 200% using my LinkedIn audit and engagement strategies.

Job application strategies

Skip the line and get in front of the recruiter or decision-makers using my proven  job application strategies. 68% of my students have received interviews without applying online.

Get referrals and find advocates

Ditch cold messaging and ineffective lame networking techniques. My relationship building formula will get you at least 3 referrals in 3 weeks.

Crush your interviews

Using my interview playbook and prep guide, stand out from the crowd and position yourself as a strong candidate. No more shooting in the dark!.

Navigating visa and career gap conversation

Eliminate ambiguity around the sponsorship using my strategies. You will know how to handle this conversation without impacting your chances.

Know your worth

Learn the exact phrasing to negotiate the compensation upon receiving a job offer. My students have received average 15k bump using my negotiation scripts.

This program is perfect fit for you if you are:

  • Tired of getting rejection emails and want to start getting actual interview calls
  • Not exactly sure what are you doing wrong, and you would love a step- by -step proven job search plan
  • You already live in the United states or Canada, or have specific plans to move in near future
  • You dream of landing a job and creating financial independence for yourself and your family
  • You’re ready to commit financially to create a future you desire

This program is NOT a good fit for you if:

  • You don’t live in the United States or Canada or have not finalized plans to move
  • You are looking for instant results and not willing to trust my proven process
  • You are looking for free mentorship at this time
  • You are not willing to accept honest feedback and take action

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