Ready to stand out in your job search
as an immigrant jobseeker?

I get it. Looking for a job as an immigrant can be an exhausting process, sometimes even discouraging. It’s even more frustrating when you know you have so much to offer but you’re just not sure HOW to land that first interview.

I know that you may be feeling like you…

  • Aren’t good enough
  • Aren’t able to stand out
  • Are lost in navigating your job search
  • Are not being noticed by companies
  • Aren’t comfortable networking
  • Aren’t able to find people to refer you
  • Aren’t able to clear the interview rounds
  • Aren’t able to navigate the visa or salary discussions
  • Are frustrated by company’s lack of willingness to sponsor visa

I have been there. I landed my first interview after 250+ rejections and I know how it feels to be rejected. I wasted time-consuming conflicting information online and through trial and error. I noticed that there was not a lot of information for immigrant job seekers. That’s exactly why I designed my services to empower immigrant job seekers.

Imagine the feeling when you will finally…

  • 🍋 Get responses for your job applications
  • 🍋 Build a brand that gets your attention
  • 🍋 Are lost in navigating your job search
  • 🍋 Find people who can refer you and advocate for you in your dream companies
  • 🍋 Get rid of the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from unlocking your true potential
  • 🍋 Have a killer resume that actually goes beyond tracking systems and into decision maker’s hands
  • 🍋 Receive a call from the recruiter extending you the job you interviewed for

What if I told you that you could have it all?

Kick-start your career with little to no experience

Restart your career despite of career break

A role that aligns with your interest and skills

Confidence to own and share your story

A network that you can count on

Tools and connections to land your next job or promotion

Financial independence

Fulfilling career and life

Here is how I can help


Dependent to Independent – 1:1 Career Coaching Program

Your personalized roadmap to be financially independent and land your next job in corporate world

This program is perfect fit for you if you are:
  • Tired of getting rejection emails and want to start getting actual interview calls
  • Not exactly sure what are you doing wrong, and you would love a step- by -step proven job search plan
  • You already live in the United states or Canada, or have specific plans to move in near future
  • You dream of landing a job and creating financial independence for yourself and your family
  • You’re ready to commit financially to create a future you desire

Ready to take action

60-Minute Career Consultation Call

We can work together on a 60 min consultation call where I will address your questions and you will walk away with a roadmap, resources and/or clear direction on the next steps!

This program is perfect fit for you if you are:
  • Do you need help with finding clarity on how to navigate your job search?
  • Do you need help with Resume/LinkedIn profile?
  • Do you have interview coming up and need guidance on how to stand out?
  • Do you need help weighing your options to study further or get a job?

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  • Two job offers in 12 weeks without prior experience

    I would highly recommend Aneri as a career coach or mentor. I found her guidance to be invaluable in helping me navigate various challenges and opportunities in my career. She helped me identify my strengths , weaknesses and areas for improvement. She also helped me explore different career paths and opportunities that aligned with my goals and values.

    In addition to her expertise, Aneri possesses many personal qualities that make her a great mentor. She is compassionate, empathetic and has the ability to motivate and inspire. After working with Aneri, I had clarity regarding the job roles, I improved my job search skills and also enhanced my professional development. I landed two job offers within a few months with Aneri’s guidance and support.

    Overall, I highly recommend Aneri to anyone who is looking to advance their career or achieve their career goals. She is a great listener and will understand the needs and her ability to connect with her mentees is truly impressive. She is one of the dedicated and supportive people.

    Associate Project Manager | Dentsu
  • From “Who will hire me?” to getting multiple job offers in big tech in 14 weeks

    Aneri – She is a gem of a person to work with, once you start working with her you feel empowered and more enthusiastic in your work. This was my experience with her in one sentence.
    I went from “Why would someone hire me?” to getting 2 competitive offers from MAAMA (giant techs) in a matter of 3.5months – that’s the impact of her in my journey.

    She is amazing, dependable and committed to help you in whichever way you need. During my interview process I remember she was overseas for her family function but still she made sure she was available for me when I most wanted her. She has held my hand in each and every step and still we continue our friendship. I have gained a very good friend in this journey, and I am so glad to have made that 1st step to lookout for help when I wanted it the most.

    I would highly recommend Aneri to anyone who is looking for a career move or their next opportunity. Get in touch with me if you want to know more about my journey and my experience with Aneri. Highly recommend an Aneri in your life. She is my cheerleader, who is yours??

    Program Manager | Microsoft
  • Landed  my First Job in Corporate America without US Degree or Work Experience in 12 weeks

    I can’t put into words the joy I have right now. The feeling of getting back to the workforce is so good.. Aneri and I finally made this happen! We did it. The best decision I ever made for my career is enrolling in Aneri’s coaching program. Aneri was there for me at every single step of the interview process. I’m sooo Soo happy. Starting from my resume, LinkedIn, how to proactively apply for jobs, making connections and growing networks.. I can keep listing the things she taught me. I’m forever grateful for Aneri’s mentorship and highly recommend getting in touch with her for your job search or career progression.


    Sri Lakshmi
    Platform Engineer | Costco
  • Summer Internship and Full-Time Job Offers in just 6 Weeks

    I am very thankful to Aneri for helping me get my first job in the US. It was not easy finding a job in pandemic as a new grad international student.

    There were so many blockers and I didn’t know where to start my job search journey. Luckily, I came across Aneri’s profile and I found her very motivating and trustworthy. So I joined her 1:1 coaching and learned game changing skills such as role clarity, story telling, profile building, resume writing, finding right jobs, networking, to name a few that I needed to land my dream job. Aneri’s coaching definitely increased my confidence and self belief.

    Fortunately, I did not have to wait for too long and landed my first offer within 6 weeks of working with her. I not only landed a summer internship but also a full-time job. I would highly recommend working with Aneri during your job search process. Specially if you are an international student because we are in time crunch and getting guidance from someone who has done it hundreds of times can really expedite your job search.

    Data Analyst | Hughes
  • Multiple job offers with visa sponsorship

    I sought out Aneri’s services after repeated frustrations in the job search process. Just from the discovery call, Aneri was able to give me great insight into some of the areas of my profile that needed improvement. After joining Aneri’s program, I was able to get role clarity, and zero in on positions that really spoke to me rather than applying to every job posting I came across! While Aneri’s actionable advice was invaluable, my favorite part of the program was the community of strong, supportive women she has built. This aspect of the program allowed me to commiserate with fellow early-career women, and provided much-needed encouragement. I walked away from the program not just with multiple interviews and multiple job offers, but with new friends and cherished professional acquaintances!

    I cannot recommend Aneri’s services enough, and will be returning for more guidance when I’m ready to make my next big career move!

    Financial Planning Analyst | Funko