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Secured my current job at Whole Foods within 4 weeks of joining the program

Aneri is undoubtedly the best mentor I’ve ever had the privilege of working with! Before enlisting her guidance, I was utterly clueless when navigating the job search process. I lacked the knowledge on how to effectively apply for jobs, customize my resume to stand out and leverage networking to secure my dream job.

However, since I began working with Aneri, my career trajectory has undergone a remarkable transformation. Through her expert mentorship, I’ve gained invaluable insights into my career goals, strengths, and areas of expertise. This newfound clarity has empowered me to strategically focus my job search efforts, targeting roles that align with my skills and aspirations, instead of aimlessly applying to unexpected opportunities. Aneri’s mentorship has not only deepened my self-awareness but has also significantly boosted my confidence with each interaction.

One of the highlights of my journey with Aneri has been the way she has enhanced my resume and LinkedIn profile. Her keen eye for detail and invaluable guidance played a pivotal role in landing me my current job at Whole Foods in a mere 4 weeks of collaboration. I was pleasantly surprised to outperform other applicants in the highly competitive job market, thanks to Aneri’s unwavering support and guidance. Without a doubt, I owe a great deal of my success to her!

For those who may be hesitant about seeking Aneri’s mentorship, I urge you to take that decisive step forward. I assure you that it will be a decision you’ll be proud of. I highly recommend working with Aneri if you are truly committed to taking a substantial leap toward advancing your career. Her expertise, support, and guidance are unparalleled, and I am immensely grateful for the positive impact she has had on my career journey.

Sai | Associate Business Analyst | Whole Foods

Secured a full-time job before graduating from undergrad program

Having Aneri as a coach was like having my very own personal cheerleader and mentor in my corner. She was extremely supportive throughout the entire process of my job search. As someone recently graduating from university I had a limited idea of what I was passionate about and found that I had a hard time nailing down what I wanted to do, especially as someone coming from a Non-tech background looking to start her career in tech. With Aneris’s knowledge from her prior experiences and her passion for helping individuals like myself, she provided guidance, advice, tips and tricks and helped me build a career roadmap for myself. As you know the job search process can be a bit overwhelming and lonely, however, Aneri was always there and always available; through each and every call, she reminded me that it was important that I didn’t undermine my abilities! I think what beautifully wraps up what working with Aneri is this:

One of the goals I had was to secure a job by the time of my official convocation ceremony, and I would like to say that while I worked hard, Aneri worked harder, and it was only with her guidance and support that I was able to achieve this goal of mine!

I would 200% recommend her coaching program cause if you aren’t then you aren’t really fully investing in yourself!

Iqra | Associate Product Manager | Publicis Sapient

Summer Internship and Full-Time Job Offers in just 6 Weeks

I am very thankful to Aneri for helping me get my first job in the US. It was not easy finding a job in pandemic as a new grad international student.

There were so many blockers and I didn’t know where to start my job search journey. Luckily, I came across Aneri’s profile and I found her very motivating and trustworthy. So I joined her 1:1 coaching and learned game changing skills such as role clarity, story telling, profile building, resume writing, finding right jobs, networking, to name a few that I needed to land my dream job. Aneri’s coaching definitely increased my confidence and self belief.

Fortunately, I did not have to wait for too long and landed my first offer within 6 weeks of working with her. I not only landed a summer internship but also a full-time job. I would highly recommend working with Aneri during your job search process. Specially if you are an international student because we are in time crunch and getting guidance from someone who has done it hundreds of times can really expedite your job search.

Pujitha | Data Analyst | Hughes

On-Campus Job, 3 Internship Offers and 2 Job Offers

I lacked clarity about my career goals, or skills. I received countless rejections for my job applications. I exhausted all my resources. That’s when I decided to work with Aneri. I was not familiar with the concept of career coaching. Aneri helped me to identify my career goals, non-negotiable, and strengths. This clarity helped me focus on roles that align with my career aspirations. She provided constructive feedback on identifying target companies, networking, optimizing my resume and interviewing strategies.

I was still a student when I joined her program. And after applying just 2-3 strategies of hers, I secured my on-campus job. That gave me so much confidence which eventually led me to grab not one but 3 internships and 2 job offers.There are several career coaches out there but what makes Aneri unique is that the extra mile she goes to motivate her mentees. She is not only your coach but also  a mentor/ sister/friend one needs in their immigrant journey.

I highly recommend Aneri for anyone who feels stuck in their career and needs a helping hand. She goes above and beyond with her mentorship

Devi R | Project Manager | i3 Verticals

Cracked my first interview and joined a Fortune 500 company without applying

Aneri means a lot more to me than a career coach. Watching her empowering and helping immigrant women motivates me. She is my mentor for life.

Not only did she help me with role clarity but also with self-development as a person and in building my confidence. I did not apply for the job. Recruiter reached out to me because of the LinkedIn profile optimization that Aneri taught me.

Her suggestions are to the point and easy to follow. When you work with her, just follow what she says religiously and no one can stop you from achieving your career goals.

Krupa | Systems Administrator Analyst | Gate Gourmet

From role clarity to landing a full-time role in 10 weeks

I was nervous about navigating my job search as an international student. Due to pandemic most of my masters program was online and I felt like I was not ready to face the interview. Aneri helped me find role clarity and showed me elements from my past work experience that I could highlight. That boosted my confidence a lot. The career coaching program got me my first internship in the United States. With Aneri’s support I was able to crack my first interview and got an offer. As Aneri always says, We are just getting started. Investing in Aneri is investing in yourself! Getting to meet and work with such a dedicated, genuine, optimistic, and reassuring boss-woman like herself is just an added bonus. She takes her mantra of helping other immigrant women achieve their professional goals very seriously and pours her heart throughout the entire navigation process.

Pooja | Product Manager | 7-Eleven Digital

Multiple job offers with visa sponsorship

I sought out Aneri’s services after repeated frustrations in the job search process. Just from the discovery call, Aneri was able to give me great insight into some of the areas of my profile that needed improvement. After joining Aneri’s program, I was able to get role clarity, and zero in on positions that really spoke to me rather than applying to every job posting I came across! While Aneri’s actionable advice was invaluable, my favorite part of the program was the community of strong, supportive women she has built. This aspect of the program allowed me to commiserate with fellow early-career women, and provided much-needed encouragement. I walked away from the program not just with multiple interviews and multiple job offers, but with new friends and cherished professional acquaintances!

I cannot recommend Aneri’s services enough, and will be returning for more guidance when I’m ready to make my next big career move!

Ravija | Financial Planning Analyst | Funko

Was able to land an internship in Tesla with her guidance

I contacted Aneri—just another Facebook connection—to ask her for guidance on universities. Since then, she has been my go-to mentor for everything that can help me realize my ambition. Whether it be for university applications or advice on how to approach NASA with the ideal profile. She and I have known each other for two years now, and she has always inspired and motivated me.

She’s been the best mentor I could have ever hoped for. It is because of her that I was able to secure an internship at Tesla with two-day preparation. I highly recommend working with Aneri and can guarantee that her insights and inspirations will enable you to find the fulfillment you have been seeking.

Gayatri | Data Science Intern | Tesla

She is the coach you can trust helping your dreams come true

Choosing Aneri as my coach is one of the best decisions I have made so far. She makes you feel empowered, which the very essential trait one must possess during the job search. Her techniques towards finding role clarity, emphasizing on the power networking have been very much relevant in my day to day job as well. I look up to her as someone breaking the stereotype of “applying for hundreds of job applications”, “not negotiating your package as a fresher” and many more myths.To all the amazing Immigrant aspirational women, here is the coach you can trust in helping your dreams come true!!

Madhuri | Product Management | FedEx

Landed the job in my very first interview

Before I started working with Aneri, my biggest fear was to put myself out there and trusting myself and my capabilities. Meeting Aneri changed everything, she helped me to overcome my own fears and addressed the problem at its root.

She motivated me to do my best, always stood by my side every step of the way. She changed my mindset of applying to hundreds of jobs as an international student. I learned job search and networking strategies that helped me stand out. All of this lead me to landing my first job that to in VERY FIRST company I interviewed with.

I’m so thankful and glad that I took that leap of faith and trusted her ❤️

Anagha | Network Support Engineer | Cisco Meraki

I am definitely blessed with the best mentor

I would not have been this confident and have come this far if it wouldn’t have been for Aneri. Ever since I spoke to her for the first time, it felt like, “Yes, there is finally someone out there who understands my struggle and frustrations.” Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to have her by my side like a mentor, a friend, a coach who has helped me navigate not just job-related stuff, but has helped me through academics, personal dilemmas. My master’s journey wouldn’t have been so meaningful if I didn’t have Aneri’s never-ending support. I am definitely blessed with the best mentor and glad to have her with me through it all.

Japneet | Product Manager | IntApp

The first offer I got was from a Fortune 100 company I did not even apply for

I was struggling feeling confident to face interviews as I only had one interview experience in India-that’s it! I remember the first 30-minute call with Aneri and what a relief it was to have a hand to hold in the middle of a storm! Aneri made sure she understood my previous experience and how much I was downplaying it. She helped me build my resume, my attitude, and my positive mindset. Result you ask? The first offer I got was from a Fortune 100 company I did not even apply for, they reached out to me! Now I have a forever friend and a mentor in Aneri!

Niharika | Senior Automation Analyst | Tyson Foods

She is a miracle worker

Before I met Aneri, I had applied for about 100 jobs on and off and received no response. But after a week of her coaching, I had a refined resume, updated LinkedIn profile, and role clarity. Her advice of focusing on the quality of the application over quantity took me a long way. I had 3 interviews in week 2 of our coaching program. She is a miracle worker who knows the ins and outs of the job market and hiring process. At the end of my 12-week coaching program, I had multiple offers to choose from. I highly recommend working with Aneri.

Danya | Laboratory Specialist | University of Virginia

Dependent Spouse/Career Break

Got multiple interviews and accepted a job offer from Key Bank after joining Aneri’s program

I had been without a job for a year after endless rounds of interviews and not getting an offer. After much contemplation I decided to get help and found Aneri on social media. Before I partnered with Aneri, getting interview calls and performing well in interviews was a challenge for me since I wasn’t getting an offer. She redesigned everything for me starting from making a fresh efficient resume, job search strategy, applying to applications and then interview prep. Aneri built up my confidence by encouraging words and pushing me to apply to jobs carefully instead of mindlessly applying to jobs. After a few interviews, I finally joined Key bank. I couldn’t have done without Aneri! Thank you so much Aneri!

Neera | Financial Wellness Consultant | Key Bank

Two job offers in 12 weeks without prior experience

I would highly recommend Aneri as a career coach or mentor. I found her guidance to be invaluable in helping me navigate various challenges and opportunities in my career. She helped me identify my strengths , weaknesses and areas for improvement. She also helped me explore different career paths and opportunities that aligned with my goals and values.

In addition to her expertise, Aneri possesses many personal qualities that make her a great mentor. She is compassionate, empathetic and has the ability to motivate and inspire. After working with Aneri, I had clarity regarding the job roles, I improved my job search skills and also enhanced my professional development. I landed two job offers within a few months with Aneri’s guidance and support.

Overall, I highly recommend Aneri to anyone who is looking to advance their career or achieve their career goals. She is a great listener and will understand the needs and her ability to connect with her mentees is truly impressive. She is one of the dedicated and supportive people.

Surbhi | Associate Project Manager | Dentsu

Senior level tech role at Oracle in just 12 weeks after a career break

Aneri is very dedicated and detailed in her coaching and guides you in the best possible way. She helps me in getting clarity , refinement and updating the resume, working on my LinkedIn profile.

Small and measurable steps to visualize and understand my potential.
She has a strong work ethic, she doesn’t rush and validate all your concerns, no matter how small.

I would highly recommend Aneri, as she is one of the best mentors and empowers you to own your story along the way.

Smrati | Senior Software Engineer | Oracle

From feeling lost to landing a job offer in 7 weeks without applying online

Aneri is really good at what she does. She helped me in finding role clarity and navigating to jump-start my professional journey here in Corporate America. She helped me identify my strength and skill set gaps. She boosted my confidence and taught me how to own my story and stand out. I highly recommend Aneri to anyone who is looking to achieve their career goals as she has a strong track record of success with immigrant clients, especially dependent spouses on H4, L2 with foreign degree, work experience and career breaks.

Krishna | Operations Coordinator | Samsung SDS

Got hired by Amazon without US degree or work experience

I started working with Aneri in 2020 and told her about my dream job and the struggles I was facing to find a career path in the USA. Two major accomplishments that she helped me achieve were PMP Certification and a job at Amazon.Not only did she mentor me but she pushed me so hard in believing in myself and achieving my goals.She coached me at every stage, from understanding my job persona,helping me build a resume, moving across applications, preparing me for interviews, mocks, to landing me a job at my dream company.She has been an Angel in my life.
Her charming smile and her positive attitude towards criticism and failures, is what motivates me.
Wishing you luck and all good vibes in your coaching program.Thank You Aneri for always having my back!

Vandana | Sales Operations Manager II | Amazon

Landed  my First Job in Corporate America without US Degree or Work Experience in 12 weeks

I can’t put into words the joy I have right now. The feeling of getting back to the workforce is so good.. Aneri and I finally made this happen! We did it. The best decision I ever made for my career is enrolling in Aneri’s coaching program. Aneri was there for me at every single step of the interview process. I’m sooo Soo happy. Starting from my resume, LinkedIn, how to proactively apply for jobs, making connections and growing networks.. I can keep listing the things she taught me. I’m forever grateful for Aneri’s mentorship and highly recommend getting in touch with her for your job search or career progression.


Sri Lakshmi | Platform Engineer | Costco

Got 2 Job Offers without US degree and work Experience without applying online

From having NO US degree and NO US work experience to landing two job offers , the journey was not easy at all . I was overwhelmed by the amount of information out there and confused about where to even begin.Aneri’s program is well structured in a way which not only provides clarity but also gives you the right direction to start working towards landing your dream job. From role clarity to negotiation, she has it covered and all I had to do was to trust her and the process. I would definitely recommend her program to all aspiring immigrant women out there.

Pooja | Financial Analyst | Nordex Group

From a dependent stay at home mom, I landed my dream 6-figure job

For FIVE years I applied for jobs with no luck. I got more than 500 rejections that affected my confidence. I finally decided to seek help. I was Aneri’s silent follower for a while and I am glad I finally took action. In the clarity call, Aneri helped me to see skill set gaps in my profile. Instead of job search, we shifted our focus to enrolling in MS in Software Engineering program to bridge those major skill set gaps. She not only guided me at every step during the application process but also helped me get a scholarship and strategize loan repayment plans. With her constant support and guidance, I landed a summer internship at ADP that later got converted into a full-time job offer. I had a six-figure job offer on hand ONE YEAR before graduation. My family and I moved into our dream home. She changed my life forever. She is the sister I never had.

Kinjal | Software Developer | ADP

Career Progression

Landed my dream job within a few weeks of working with her

Aneri’s mentorship has completely changed my perspective towards job search. Without her guidance, I wouldn’t have found the right direction. Before meeting her, I was struggling and putting time and efforts into the direction where I was not supposed to be. She was able to identify what I couldn’t see it in myself. More than anything, she taught me how to own my skills and experience, how I can be myself in this job search journey and look out for what I want rather than fitting myself into the Job description.

Within a month of working with her, I started receiving interview calls from well known companies. I was able to find a dream job (Excatly what I described to her in our first call) in just couple of weeks of actively looking for it. I would tell anyone who is looking for guidance or if you are feeling stuck in your job search, you should definitely reach out to Aneri. She has the positive energy and skills to see your abilities before you see it in yourself.

Palak | Project Co-ordinator | RFPIO

Got multiple interviews in FAANG and a job offer from Fortune 500

Aneri is an amazing Career Coach. She helped me to get clarity in my role, how to refine my resume and updated my LinkedIn profile.

She boosted my confidence. She is an amazing person who is transparent and helps you out in the best way or guides you in the best possible way.

At the end of my coaching, I had a great job offer. I would highly recommend Aneri.

Shraddha | Senior Technical Specialist | Canadian Tire

Never knew I could land corporate job in 8 weeks without Bachelor degree or prior corporate America experience

My name is Aesha, and I am honored to recommend Aneri Desai as a Career Coach. During my working relationship with Aneri I have experienced an individual who is dependable, intelligent, driven and so committed to help you in whatever way you need her. She did her job well beyond my expectations. She is very passionate and dedicated towards her job and her goal is alway to help immigrant women. She helped me see the potential in me that I couldn’t possibly foresee. I can not thank her enough, and am so glad I hired her as my coach and mentor. She helped me find a job almost twice as I was making and with better benefits and career advancement. Investing in her program has proven to be such a valuable asset for me. Opportunities don’t come, you create them, thank you Aneri for helping me create a sea of opportunities.

Aesha | Executive Assistant | Infosys

From “Who will hire me?” to getting multiple job offers in big tech in 14 weeks

Aneri – She is a gem of a person to work with, once you start working with her you feel empowered and more enthusiastic in your work. This was my experience with her in one sentence.
I went from “Why would someone hire me?” to getting 2 competitive offers from MAAMA (giant techs) in a matter of 3.5months – that’s the impact of her in my journey.

She is amazing, dependable and committed to help you in whichever way you need. During my interview process I remember she was overseas for her family function but still she made sure she was available for me when I most wanted her. She has held my hand in each and every step and still we continue our friendship. I have gained a very good friend in this journey, and I am so glad to have made that 1st step to lookout for help when I wanted it the most.

I would highly recommend Aneri to anyone who is looking for a career move or their next opportunity. Get in touch with me if you want to know more about my journey and my experience with Aneri. Highly recommend an Aneri in your life. She is my cheerleader, who is yours??

Sneha | Program Manager | Microsoft

The value compared to the investment is 1000x more

Working with Aneri was such a blessing. She helped me find the biggest breakthrough of my career. I had career gaps and my resume did not do justice to my true potential before I joined Aneri’s 1:1 career coaching program. Aneri helped me built my professional brand and a compelling career story and mapped out a step by step job search plan. She taught me to own my story and share it with confidence. For four years I held myself back but now I believe that I can walk into any interview being my authentic self. She not only showed me how to build professional relationships but also connected me to industry leaders for coffee chats. As a result, I am walking away with a job assignment that will help me to resume my career after a long gap. I just told my friend that the financial investment I made by enrolling in Aneri’s coaching program is nothing in compare to the value she provides. It is X 1000 more.

Asma | Social Media Coordinator | Mnemonic

She helped me secure an offer at my dream company

Aneri turned around my resume. I couldn’t believe that I had so much to offer. The way she presented my experience and elevated my overall professional brand is beyond my imagination. I learned how to build long-term relations over quick referral or LinkedIn add. Using her networking strategy I was able to build a strong connection with a senior officer in my dream company. This all seemed unreal until I got in touch with Aneri. Thank you for being my coach, Aneri.

Farzana | Scientist | Thermo Fisher Scientific

I got 3 interviews within 2 weeks of joining her program

Having Aneri as my career coach has been tremendously invaluable for me. Prior to starting my career coaching sessions, I was frustrated with myself and lacked clarity of what I truly wanted to pursue in my career (as I am an individual with varying interests). Working throughout the sessions with her helped me gain better clarity of my purpose and what I wanted to pursue in my career.
Her thought-provoking questions also helped me get a deeper understanding of what I absolutely did not want to pursue.
Moreover, throughout my job application process, Aneri provided extremely helpful tips and guidance on how to answer questions, how to expand my network, make connections as well as negotiate. Being a first-generation South Asian I did not feel empowered to negotiate my salary, ever. But Aneri provided me with the confidence and the resources to be able to that effectively. In a sense, along with coaching, she helped me build my self-confidence which I found was lacking prior to my sessions with her. She is extremely patient and provides very effective feedback and tips. My experience with her has been so amazing that I have gone ahead and recommended my sister to use Aneri’s career coaching services.
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me Aneri!!!

Asma | Data Engineer | Slalom Build

She has always got your back!

I spoke to Aneri for the first time in 2020 and have been in touch with this amazing soul ever since. She has held my hand through the toughest few months of this year, instilling confidence in me and always guiding me with her advice, tips, and industry knowledge. From revamping resume to LinkedIn tips and tricks, to Interview hacks and preparation she is an expert in all of it.

I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is looking to navigate the job market or planning to pursue higher education in the USA. She has always got your back. I cannot thank you enough Aneri and I am so happy I found you 🙂

Tanya | Program Consultant | Deloitte

You can trust her blindly!

I moved to the US in February 2020 (just before the Covid-19 started hitting our lives). I was not aware of the culture, the job market, how to search for jobs. I didn’t even know – how the resumes are structured. After a prolonged struggle, fortunately, I met Aneri.

Aneri is so much more than a coach. She is that big sister whom you can talk to anytime and share your fear/anxiety/issues. She helped me in overcoming my limiting beliefs and motivated me to have a positive outlook towards life which eventually helped in my job search as well. Her job search strategies, resume uplift pointers were simply awesome. If you’re sailing in the same boat as I was, reach out to Aneri and trust her blindly. She has got your back!

I wish her all the very best for her new venture and sending positive vibes her way!

Ishita | Program Manager | The Spur Group